About us


Artios Pharma is a leading independent DNA Damage Response company with a strong pipeline of novel cancer therapies in development with first-in-class potential.

Proven leaders in the discovery and development of DNA Damage Response Therapeutics

Artios is committed to discovering and developing new precision medicines for treating cancers for the benefit of patients. Targeting DNA Damage Response (DDR) has become a major strategy for achieving this and has the potential to provide novel, targeted therapies with the ability to select patients most likely to respond to the treatment with lower side effects on normal tissues.

All cells are subject to continuous DNA damage caused by exogenous and endogenous sources which must be repaired for the cells to survive as well as to avoid propagating potentially tumourigenic mutations. The range of processes through which cells sense, signal and repair DNA damage is termed the DNA Damage Response or DDR.

Development of cancer cells is partly driven by genomic instability and is dependent on the misregulation or changes within the DDR. In many tumours, certain DNA repair pathways are downregulated and the cancer cells become dependent on remaining or alternative DNA repair pathways.

Targeting these alternative DNA repair pathways with specific DNA repair inhibitors can lead to selective cell death in these tumours. Exploiting this weakness (or Achilles Heel), Artios has built a world-class platform for developing novel inhibitors of specific DNA repair enzymes that can be used as either monotherapy or in combination with other agents within predictable, identifiable, DDR-defective tumour populations.


Artios has in-licensed its lead DDR programme, PolƟ, from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and continues to work with CRUK and other experts in the field to build its pipeline of novel DDR programmes.

Our people

Our experienced leadership team is led by Niall Martin, CEO, who played a key role in identifying Lynparza™ (olaparib) and other DDR inhibitors. He is supported by a scientific research and development team with vast experience in DDR and drug discovery.