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Aleks Zemla
Aleks Zemla

It’s been very interesting to see Artios grow over the last two years from just a handful of scientists to a set of specialised biology teams.

The main attributes that made me join the company in the first place, like the dynamic pace of research, ability to establish new assays and drive new projects forward, has luckily not changed despite our growth. As one of the scientists involved in the discovery of novel pharmacodynamic biomarkers for Artios’s portfolio,

I particularly enjoy the culture of open science discussions, both internally and with our academic collaborators. To me, those are key to drive the biology of the projects forward, and ultimately, the success of the entire project.

Martin Stockley
Martin Stockley

I have been fortunate to work on a wide range of projects since my PhD studies twenty years ago. During my PhD I designed some of the first inhibitors of the DNA double-strand break repair enzyme DNA-PK at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research in collaboration with KuDOS Pharmaceuticals.

Returning to the cutting edge of the DNA damage response field by joining Artios Pharma two years ago has been a very rewarding experience, working alongside a very talented multi-disciplinary team.

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Helen Robinson

I’m extremely proud of the exceptional team of scientists we’ve built at Artios. We have created a unique environment full of experienced and highly skilled scientists, performing pioneering work at great pace but without compromising on quality. We are dedicated to developing new precision medicines for treating cancers of high unmet medical need without the risk of damaging healthy tissues. I genuinely believe we have an opportunity to make a real difference to patients’ lives.

Testimonial 2
Marco Ranzani

At Artios we apply state of the art technologies to develop novel therapies that target the Achilles’ heel of cancer in DNA damage response. We discover and develop new compounds and study synthetic lethality in cancer to deliver the next generation of personalised targeted therapies.

It is exciting and extremely motivational to work at high pace on scientific programmes that can open new avenues for the curative treatment of cancer patients.

It is amazing experience to be part of the Artios family since the beginning of the lab-based activity and to see the company grow along with the development of the scientific programmes. I have been exposed to many aspects of drug discovery and development and during this journey I had the chance to grow as a scientist and team leader.